Type 1 Diabetes

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Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Recently diagnosed? Wondering what’s going on? Three patients and a consultant talk about the ups and downs of living with Type 1 Diabetes.
For further information please visit: www.diabetes.org.uk

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Carb Counting

Getting to grips with just how much carbohydrate there is in everything you eat will really help your blood glucose control.
For further information please visit: www.diabetes.org.uk

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Kidneys and Diabetes

We need to look after our kidneys as well as we look after our eyes and feet. Kidneys can sometimes be a bit neglected and this film is trying to redress that balance, because diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure in the world. When you have your tests for kidney function try not to eat too much protein or do any vigorous exercise the night before otherwise your kidney assessment may look worse than it actually is. 

Diabetes UK has information about your kidneys and links to pages where you can understand the meaning of your test results.

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Travel and T1 Diabetes

Steve is a film producer travelling all over the world to tell stories about health. In this trip to Africa he shares his experiences of managing his diabetes with work, stress and heat.

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T1 Diabetes & Family

A diagnosis of diabetes in a child can feel life-changing for the whole family, but Danielle and her son Niall show that carb-counting, healthy eating and good communication with the school can fit into the routine of busy family life.

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Understanding Exercise

Exercise & Type 1 diabetes – yes, they can and should go together. So whether it’s gardening or a full triathlon, here are some very important dos and don’ts to help you stay in control of your blood glucose.

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High Level Exercise

Meet a group of people living with Type 1 diabetes who do sport at a really high level. Discover what’s going on “under the bonnet” when you exercise. Science, advice and encouragement. What’s stopping you?!

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Retinal Screening

Diabetes can damage to the back of your eyes and, left untreated, can cause blindness. It’s absolutely crucial to attend eye screenings so that damage can be detected and treated in time.

For further information please visit: www.eyecare.wales.nhs.uk/diabetic-retinopathy-screening-service-w

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Driving and Diabetes

A diagnosis of type 1 diabetes doesn’t mean you have to stop driving but it does mean that you have to start planning ahead.

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Managing Hypos

Having the odd hypo is part and parcel of having diabetes but there’s a lot you can do to manage how frequent or severe they are.For more information please visit: www.diabetes.org.uk

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Understanding feet

This film looks at how to understand about risk to your foot (and feet!) and what to do about it. For more information you can click on this link www. diabetes.org.uk/putting-feet-first

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Care Of The High Risk Foot

Foot care is of the utmost importance whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Step this way for some crucial advice

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Healthy Shopping, Healthy Eating

Broken down into food groups, the film navigates healthy eating via the supermarket aisles and some hard to forget nuggets of advice!

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Insulin Pumps

Meet Marion and Stuart: both have Type 1 Diabetes and both use an insulin pump. They explain how it works and why they wouldn’t give it up for anything! They’re not for everyone, but if you’ve ever considered one, this is the film for you.

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Pregnancy Preparation

A new mum and dad share their experience of planning for their first child and managing type 1 diabetes.

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Sick Day Rules

Sick Day Rules are aimed at keeping you safe when you are ill. We meet people of all ages who share their experiences of managing their diabetes when they are ill or stressed.

From Marion who has a cold and sore throat, “My vision, it’s blurry, it’s blurry with a lot of floaters. Your head feels as though it doesn’t belong to you and it’s the irritation as well. You get very grumpy and imitated. The thirst is horrendous I’ll drink a full glass in one go and then I want more” to Mum Nicky who took a while to get used to rises in her son Renn’s glucose levels that would seem to come out of the blue, “I’d think, well what’s wrong with him? Has he eaten too much, is it this, is it that? And now when this happens, I know to expect a sniffly nose or a bug or a virus or, you know, whatever.”

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