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What is Lipodystrophy?

Ethan, Patricia, Peter, Clare, Lucy, Daniel, Ian, Louis, Tracey and Gemma help us understand the different types of lipodystrophy. 

They share their expertise at an event organised by Siobhan Dunn for Lipodystrophy UK with the support of Dr Rebecca Sanders, Chair and Founder.  

Lipodystrophy, generalised, acquired, partial

Lipodystrophy on the Outside

Our contributors show us what lipodystrophy looks like and talk about the effect it has on their bodies.

Lipodystrophy, fat, muscle, self-confidence

Lipodystrophy on the Inside

Understanding what goes on inside the body is extremely useful to support self-management.

Lipodystrophy, fatty liver, diet, heart

Lipodystrophy and Hormones

We hear of the different ways people respond to hormones and get a real sense of the individuality of each person’s experience.

 Lipodystrophy, diabetes, insulin, leptin, metreleptin

Lipodystrophy and Self-Management

Good advice and wise words about the physical and emotional challenges that our contributors face day-to-day.

 Lipodystrophy, diet, exercise, self-management

Good Advice and Contacts

Tips, encouragement and positive thinking for living your best life.

Lipodystrophy, support, advice, positive