An invitation for Healthcare Professionals

The Lymphoedema Network Wales invites you to use these short series of films as part of your treatment plans.
Each film has been created by NHS healthcare professionals in the UK and people living with long term conditions to help you support your patients of all ages to manage and live well with lymphoedema.
To watch these films please click on the link below that applies to you:
Lymphoedema General
Lymphoedema Education
Reducing the Risk
Children and Young people
To access these films with Welsh subtitles please select the appropriate link below:
Addysg Lymffoedema
Lleihau’r Risg o Lymffoeda
Plant a Phobl Ifanc â Lymffoedema
Lymphoedema e learning
We have four training presentations to support your awareness of lymphoedema and confidence in working with patients to help them better self-manage the condition.  As they are completed they will be added below.  There are contact details at the end of each presentation in case you have any questions or queries.
A general introduction to lymphoedema and chronic oedema

Genital lymphoedema

Lymphoedema in children and young people


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