Primary breast cancer

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When you've just been told you have primary breast cancer

We hear from men and women sharing their stories of diagnosis.

primary breast cancer, diagnosis, news, what do I do

Chemotherapy for breast cancer

Experiences of chemotherapy are shared along with practical advice.

primary breast cancer, chemotherapy, questions, information

Understanding radiotherapy for primary breast cancer

We see someone experience radiotherapy and hear from clinicians about what is happening and how it might affect you.

primary breast cancer, radiotherapy, understanding, information, 

How does primary breast cancer impact relationships?

Our contributors address all aspects of relationships.

primary breast cancer, relationships, impact, advice

Managing work and finances with primary breast cancer

Understanding where to find help and when it can make a real difference.

primary breast cancer, work, financial support, options

Introducing your breast cancer care nursing team

Insight into what a breast cancer nurse can offer.

primary breast cancer, nurse, who does what, information

Did you talk about dying?

Our contributors explore this topic frankly.

primary breast cancer, death, die, what do I say? 

Eating, drinking and exercising and breast cancer

Insight into what can make a diference.

primary breast cancer, eating, drinking, advice

What did you say to your children?

Useful advice on what people told their children and when.

primary breast cancer, children, what do you say, advice