Secondary breast cancer

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1. Living with secondary breast cancer

Meet our contributors as they share their stories in a positive and constructive way along with their clinicians.

secondary breast cancer, living with, information, understand

2. Treatment for secondary breast cancer

The nuts and bolts of what you can expect.

secondary breast cancer, treatment, options, experience

3. When hormone therapy is right for you

Hormone therapy is used to treat cancers that need hormones like oestrogen and progesterone to grow.

secondary breast cancer, hormone therapy, what does it mean, information

4. Relationships & Secondary Breast Cancer

Our contributors address all aspects of relationships.

secondary breast cancer, relationships, impact, advice

5. How your breast cancer nurse can help

Insight into what a breast cancer nurse can offer.

secondary breast cancer, nurse, who does what, information, 

6. How to get support from friends and family

Really useful insights for all parties about these important relationships and the pressures that they come under.

secondary breast cancer, support, family, friends, 

7. Secondary breast cancer, death and dying. The conversation.

A range of perspectives and ideas to consider.

secondary breast cancer, death, die, talking, 

8. What did you say to the children?

Useful advice on what people told their children and when.

secondary breast cancer, children, advice,
what to say

9. Your mental health

The importance of self-care and different ways of taking care of wellbeing.

secondary breast cancer, mental health, depression, information