Commissioning our Services

We make films that Motivate Explain Inspire Campaign Challenge Call People to Action  Market products + services​

Would you like to commission a film for the PocketMedic Library?

Making films is our business, films that drive behavioural change.
We make films for patients and their carers.
We also make films to support and train health and social care professionals.
The films are commissioned by the health and social care system at home and abroad to support people to live well with chronic conditions. They can be translated into multiple languages. If you are referring people to our library and have worked out that this is a place where people come for health information, we would love to talk to you about your communication needs. The films can sit here as well as on your own websites or platform. If you’d like to include our content in your app then please talk to us. Our aim is to reach as many people as possible with the films that we make.

Living well with Dementia


Introduction to PocketMedic Lymphoedema Films

Do you need a film to campaign, inform or market a product or service?

We also make films for a wide range of other people such as public health organisations and institutions, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. We love the opportunity to make films in multiple languages to communicate with our wider communities. Take a look at some of the films that we’ve made for our clients:

Yellow Card Centre

HEIW Red Day Green Day

DUK Cooking 1 min

What if I don’t want Type 1 Diabetes?

Huntleigh WoundExpress
A Scottish Story