Young people living with lymphoedema​

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A Child's View

This animation brings to life the experiences of three children living with lymphoedema.  It addresses many concerns common to children of different ages. 

lymphoedema, self-management, children, garments

Lymphoedema and Families

Getting the right diagnosis can be the first challenge for families with children affected by Lymphoedema.  This film acknowledges some of the challenges faced by parents and hears from children of all ages about their experiences.

lymphoedema, families, diagnosis, child

Lymph Adventure Day

Teenagers and young adults meet for a day of sharing experiences and ideas. Hollie grew up thinking she was one of the only people who had lymphoedema, Ellie didn’t know anyone else either and Ceri-Anne is looking for more group chats. Meet a great bunch willing and able to share their stories. You can connect too via the Lymphoedema Network Wales Facebook page.  

lymphoedema, children, activities, support