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Prostate planning scans​

Up to a third of patients coming for prostate radiotherapy aren’t prepared properly for the scan which can sometimes mean having to come back a second time. If you prepare well it can make a big difference and help to reduce the pressure on everyone. This film is designed to show you what you need to do so that you can help the team to help you.

radiotherapy, prostate, scan, preparation, 

Left Breast planning scan​

Lorraine did a couple this morning and Dawn practised before she left the house! Hopefully this film will help to explain why getting used to holding your breath is an important part of your preparation for a planning scan. You’ll also see what is involved, why and how you can be supported by your hospital team.

radiotherapy, breast, scan, preparation, 

Head & Neck planning scans

This is an important part of your preparation for your scan. You can see what’s involved through the eyes of three gentlemen who are working with the hospital team to plan for their radiotherapy treatment. Hopefully you’ll be reassured that they seem to really understand the needs of their patients.

radiotherapy, head and neck, scan, preparation,