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What is Lymphoedema?

‘What?’ is it. ‘Why?’ me. ‘Where?’ in my body. ‘How?’ will I cope. This introductory film helps to answer any newly diagnosed patients’ immediate concerns.

what is lymphoedema, self-management, swelling, information

Skin Care

The 1st of the ‘4 cornerstones’ of care explains the susceptibility to cellulitis, the risk factors involved and the skin care regime that can help to minimise those risks. 

lymphoedema, self-management, skin care, swelling


What cellulitis looks and feels like and meeting people at high risk of recurrent infection who are part of a successful prevention programme.

lymphoedema, cellulitis, treatment, antibiotics

The Joy of Exercise

This 2nd ‘cornerstone’ of care explains how and why moving our bodies keeps lymph moving and demonstrates simple upper and lower body exercises to do at home. 

lymphoedema, self-management, exercise, fluid

Compression Garments

The 3rd ‘cornerstone’ explains how and why compression helps reduce swelling and tackles the daunting prospect of compression garments with some lovely testimonies from experienced wearers!

lymphoedema, self-management, swelling, information

SLD upper limbs

Demonstrated in real-time, SLD self-massage to move lymph away from blocked drains is taught to a patient with upper limb Lymphoedema.

lymphoedema, simple lymphatic drainage, arms

SLD Lower limbs

Demonstrated in real-time, SLD self-massage to move lymph away from blocked drains is taught to a patient with lower limb Lymphoedema.

lymphoedema, simple lymphatic drainage, legs

Healthy Eating

Broken down into food groups, the film navigates healthy eating via the supermarket aisles and some hard to forget nuggets of advice!

healthy eating, shopping, advice, lymphoedema


An observational look the super-micro surgery, Lymphatic Venous Anastamosis, following two patients through assessment for suitability and the operation itself.

LVA, lymphoedema, support, surgery

Robert's Story

An instructive film for district nurses demonstrating the appropriate treatment for skin infections and its effectiveness in even the most serious of cases.

lymphoedema, cellulitis, treatment, bandaging


An engaging animation presenting the do’s and don’ts of skin care and compression garments on holiday.

lymphoedema, holiday, garments, flight

Exercise Class Upper Limbs

An exercise class to follow-along-to designed for patients with upper body Lymphoedema.

lymphoedema, exercise, legs, activity

Reducing the Risk

Why some people are at higher risk than others of developing it and what can be done to guard against it post cancer surgery that might make you vulnerable.

lymphoedema, cancer, risk, clinic

Pump Therapy

3 patients using pump therapy as part of their treatment for lymphoedema.

lymphoedema, swelling, reduce, compression pump

MLD in action

See what is happening beneath the skin when you do Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Specialists in lymphoedema care gather from all over the UK to see scanning technology in action. It’s an eye-opener for them and their patients.

manual lymphatic drainage, MLD, lymphoedema, treatment

Wet Leg Pathway

Patients can be supported effectively with bandaging when they have chronic oedema or “wet legs.” There are three levels of support. This film goes through each level with the help of Robert, a very supportive patient (!) and explains why and when they should be used.

wet leg pathway, lymphoedema, bandaging, circulation

Wounds and Chronic Oedema
for clinicians

Hello healed legs! What’s next after compression bandaging? An education guide for Health care professionals An education guide for healthcare professionals following a group of patients being seen by a combined wound and lymphoedema therapist team. We look at the impact of wounds and chronic oedema, health economics, compression, bandaging and dopplers, public health messaging, and preventing recurrence.

lymphoedema, oedema, wounds, health care professionals

Have you got genital lymphoedema

This film shows you how to check for symptoms and how to manage them if you have or if you are at risk.  Pelvic floor exercises are a key self-management tool so we talk you through how to do them.  

genital lymphoedema, swelling, cancer, genitals

Men with Genital Lymphoedema

Genital lymphoedema brings with it a whole range of challenges.  Our contributors have done us, and you, a great service in sharing their experience.   It is not always easy to talk about but as with so many challenging conditions, early diagnosis and support can really help to manage symptoms.

genital lymphoedema, swelling, cancer, men

Women with Genital Lymphoedema

Meet the great women who helped us to help you by taking part in this film.   Genital lymphoedema is not always easy to talk about but as with so many challenging conditions, early diagnosis and support can really help to manage symptoms.

genital lymphoedema, swelling, cancer, women

Surgery for Genital Lymphoedema

A short guide to the options available to your patients.

genital lymphoedema, surgery, options, lymph

Advice on genital lymphoedema for therapists

Cheryl and Rhian share their expertise to show you how best to support your patients living with genital lymphoedema.

lymphoedema, therapists, advice, genital lymphoedema


This film explains what filariasis is and gives advice for prevention.

lymphoedema, filariasis, infection, prevention

Preparing to look after myself independently

Very few people can realistically expect to be under the care of a lymphoedema clinic for the rest of their lives.” “…as a patient you can initiate your consultation. So remember PIFU, Patient Initiated Follow Up.” Words of practical wisdom and a guide to self-management resources from the Lymphoedema Support Network and Lymphoedema Wales are shared in this film. It’s about preparing for discharge from the service and understanding the importance of learning self-management skills and understanding when to go back and ask for help.

lymphoedema, discharge, clinic, self-management skills