Exercise with Lung Disease

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Get Moving​​

Dr Jane Gilbert gently raises the subject of “getting moving again” for people with lung disease.

Lung disease, exercise, COPD, IPF

Why Exercise?​​

Meet Ken, Michael and other people living with lung disease as they get themselves moving.

Lung disease, exercise, COPD, IPF

Pulmonary Rehab​​

A gentle introduction to a Pulmonary Rehabilitation course and why it is so important.

Lung disease, pulmonary rehabilitation, COPD, IPF

Taking steps to change​​

Physiotherapist Jane Douglas explains how to start moving again from first steps to building up everyday activities.

Lung disease, COPD, IPF, activity,

The proof is in the pudding​​

Patients and their families describe how a Pulmonary Rehabilitation course has changed their lives.

Lung disease, exercise, COPD, IPF